Ian Polhemus

What an overall tremendous experience it was, and still is, working with Todd! From our first phone conversation in early August 2015, we seemed to just hit it off. Todd has that kind of mid-western friendliness about him that is only matched by the passion he demonstrates around his family – of dogs!

After hearing of the national success Todd had in his training of his first ESD, Bear, I could not have asked for a better option for our unit – and for me! Having worked as a Seattle Police Officer for 23 years, of which the past 8 were spent as a detective with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, I was ready for a change of pace, but wanted to keep in the game of hunting those who continue to prey upon our most vulnerable populace; our children.

My training days spent with Todd were memorable in that I learned a LOT, worked hard and had a lot of FUN! I've previously handled a patrol dog, but working with Bear was a new experience for me (and for Todd, in breaking my old habits). Todd is a very patient, knowledgeable, and experienced dog man who was able to successfully shape me into the handler I needed to be.

Long after having departed Indiana and dealing with the aftermath of tearing Bear away from him and his lovely family, Todd maintains contact with us to offer more suggestions on how to better ourselves as a team. With the obvious support Todd gets from his wife and family, it is no wonder he is as successful as he is with his K9 companions.

If you’re looking for a well-trained, highly motivated K9 and trainer – look no further than Todd Jordan and Jordan Detection K9!

Ian Polhemus
Detective, Seattle Police Department

Owen Peña

Owen Pena
Todd & Erin Jordan’s experience and knowledge of K9 handling is top notch, the leader in Electronic Storage Detection K9’s. I had prior K9 Handler experience (with ball/toy driven K9’s) and no experience with food driven K9’s. Todd made a believer out of me for the advantages of using a food driven K9 for this type of work and breaking me of my old toy/ball driven habits. With the K9 being food driven, I feel that there is a better bond and connection that I, and my family, have with our K9. Now, our K9 is a part of my family and he just happens to also have a job. I look at it as he’s a pet with a very important job.

Todd paired me with K9 “Joey” and I am very glad he did. Special Agent Joey has made both of us a great dynamic duo, fighting the ever surging “Child Exploitation” cases in our state. Special Agent Joey was already completely trained when I arrived for Handler Training. The training consisted of training me to know when Special Agent Joey was on scent and doing his job.

Since returning Special Agent Joey back to New Mexico, he has been very valuable in finding storage devices that we, as humans, have missed in our initial search, throughout our entire state. I feel confident that after running Special Agent Joey through a scene, that we’ve not left behind any potential evidence that can used to help fight Crimes against Children. Special Agent Joey has even become some what of a celebrity here is New Mexico, even having his own Instagram account (@sajoeynm) and his own trading cards. Like the New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas says: “Special Agent Joey is his best looking and most famous Special Agent he has in his agency.”

Todd & Erin Jordan have been amazing to get to know and to work with, both over the phone and while in training. Todd & Erin not only welcome you into their training world, but they also welcome you into their own family world, from having lunch or dinner with them out someplace or in their own home to calling and just checking in to see how things are going. I also know because of this amazing rapport that has been built between us, that at any time I have a question, I can always reach out to either Todd or Erin and I don’t feel like I’m burdening them.

I would highly suggest to any law enforcement agency or ICAC Unit seeking to incorporate an Electronic Storage Detection K9 to their Agency, to get a hold of Jordan Detection K9 and find out how to acquire one of these highly trained K9’s. You will not be disappointed.

Special Agent Owen Pena
New Mexico Office of the Attorney General
ICAC Task Force

Owen Peña
Special Agent, New Mexico Attorney General's Office

Cameron Hartman

Todd Jordan was very easy to work with, both over the phone and in person. His knowledge of K9 handling is second-to-none. Although I did not have any previous experience, he made sure I was learning the proper techniques. He also took the time to ensure I was proficient in beginner K9-handling skills prior to advancing further. K9 "URL" was already completely trained, saving me lots of valuable time. I would highly recommend Jordan Detection K9 to any agency seeking to incorporate an Electronic Storage Detection K9 to their force.

Detective Cameron Hartman
Weber County Sheriff's Office
Weber County, Utah

Beth Crano

Beth Crano
I cannot say enough good things about Todd Jordan and Jordan Detection K9. We were awarded K9 Diana from Jordan Detection K9 through a grant from Neighborhood Detection K9. Todd made the process easy to understand, and a lot less stressful than it could have been. Todd spent one on one time with each handler during initial training to ensure that they knew what they were supposed to be doing, and gave advice on what to look for when working our dogs. Since the initial training, Todd has been a wealth of knowledge and works to help us through any issues that may arise or how to better work as a team when new situations present themselves. With not even a year under our belt as a team, my K9 has found well over 100 devices on search warrants, several of which contained the contraband that we were searching for. Diana is a tremendous K9, and I’m very lucky that she was trained by Jordan Detection and assigned to our agency.

Investigator Beth Crano
Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office
Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Carol Gudbrandsen

Carol Gudbrandsen
It has been 1 year since I started working with my partner, Browser. I have to tell you what an amazing year it has been. Browser has assisted on dozens of search warrants, routinely performing searches in the jails, and has been performing sweeps with the Lake County Probation Department when they do home visits on their sex offenders.
Browser and I also do presentations in the schools in Lake County speaking on Internet Safety and Cyberbullying to students, staff and parents. When I bring Browser into these situations, he instantly grabs the attention of our audience, and our presentations have become even more effective.
I am so grateful that you take the time and attention to match each K9 with their handler. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit for me than Browser. I needed a K9 that would behave in the lab, do a great job in the field, and fit into my home life (my granddaughters love him!) Browser fits perfectly into my professional and home life. I knew this would be a really great experience, but in fact it has been an amazing experience. The bond between Browser and I is extraordinary and I couldn’t imagine a better partner. Thank you for your attention to detail and your level of training both for myself and for Browser. We truly are partners.

Investigator Carol Gudbrandsen Lake County States Atoorney's Office, Illinois

Cathy Davis

Cathy Davis
I had first heard of electronic detection K9’s about two years ago. I always thought I would never get the opportunity to have an ESD K9. As I was at the ICAC conference in Atlanta I heard about Todd having the dogs at a booth. I was at a forensic booth two down from Todd’s. Todd walked by, saw my paw print tattoo on my arm and stated “Hey you need a dog!” And the process began! I called my Captain immediately and told him about the K9’s. It’s basically history from there!
Todd has been absolutely great. I have never been involved in a more professional endeavor. Todd, simply put, is the consummate professional and friend.
Banner and I have been working for about 3 months together. Banner has already made great strides in his development, in no small part to Todd’s tutelage. Banner has already participated in several search warrants in which his services were utilized.
Banner is responsible for, and has been called upon for service from several agencies in the State of Alabama in which his ability has been proven productive. Banner has had success in locating devices ranging from a micro sd card to tablets that have been used in the exploitation of children.
Some people were skeptical about Banners abilities until they observed him working and actually finding devices. Banner has rapidly become the most popular member of the Sheriff’s Office. Banner not only seeks and finds devices on search warrants, but also serves as a stress release for coworkers at the Sheriff’s Office and The National Child Advocacy Center.

Investigator Cathy Davis Madison County Sheriff's Department (Alabama)

Steven DeBrota


NBC News:
Steven DeBrota, when speaking on the use of Electronic Storage Detection K9's calls Bear "a key part of the team." "I became a believer. I think it's going to become a regular law enforcement technique."

"When somebody first told me there was a dog that could find storage media, I laughed. I didn't believe them. I thought they were kidding. But when they demonstrated it to me, I was really glad we had that asset in Indiana. And it's worked in several investigations. That dog has found things that very diligent investigators could not find, because they were so small and hidden in so many places."

Steven DeBrota
Assistant US Attorney