Electronic Storage Detection

How Our Program Began

Jordan Detection K9 began training Electronic Detection K9s in 2014, when Trainer/Handler Todd Jordan started a pilot program with a K9 named "Bear". Bear became world-renowned after his involvement in the raid on the home of Jared Fogle (Subway spokesman) in July 2015, and the raid on the home and gym of U.S. Gymnastics Coach, Marvin Sharp.

Research development began on August 1, 2014 for the pilot program. Bear's training consisted of several hundred hours of scent discrimination, pinpoint accuracy, open-area search and realistic scenario-based training, working alongside an agent involved in the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC). Through this partnership, we were able to gain valuable training information, which allowed us to ensure Bear was trained on all relevant devices, as well as distractions he would encounter in the field. Bear assisted local, state, and federal agencies on search warrants for the ICAC Task Force, prior to being placed with his permanent handler, located in Seattle, Washington.

Deployment Opportunities

In addition to providing you and your organization with a K9 that is exceptional at the detection of electronic storage media, we work with each handler and agency to support other mission deployments such as de-escalation, workplace therapy and victim disclosures. Specifically, and in cooperation with other ICAC investigators, we believe that our K9s can be used to diffuse volatile, emotional, or otherwise stressful situations created by the execution of a search warrant. When tensions are high and families are faced with the uncertainty of what is transpiring, our K9s can be deployed as a calming mechanism to assist in de-escalating an otherwise intense scene.

Additionally, we understand that it is the goal of each investigation to obtain a statement from possible child victims at the scene. Often times, these children are distraught, scared, or otherwise emotionally unable to cooperate with investigators at the scene. There has already been an abundance of studies conducted that show the impact a dog can have in calming a child victim, and they are often used in child forensic interviews or courtroom testimony. We believe this can extend to the field and have an even greater impact on child victim disclosures of sexual abuse, when present.

Our Guarantee

Our electronic-detection K9s are completely trained, and are actively being used on search warrants prior to a handler arriving. We ensure that the K9 will perform in any type of environmental location. It is our mission to work out any issues prior to a handler arriving, including distractions the K9 may encounter once placed in the field. We personally work with the handler prior to arrival to learn of the environment the K9 will be working in, which allows us to have the K9 ready for work as soon as the handler training is complete.